X-Rated Dining: Adult and Sex-Themed Restaurants that Serves Food and Pleasure

If you are looking for the best sex-themed restaurants in the world, we have a list for you. These are the most popular locations across the globe that offer visitors some kind of nudity. And you don’t want to miss them!

Geisha House Steak & Sushi, Las Vegas

If you are a fan of sushi but think that eating it from the plate is overrated, Geisha House Steak & Sushi is a place you need to visit. This charming restaurant in Las Vegas is not for everyone unless they dream of eating food off of a naked lady. 


This restaurant is one of the most popular destinations in the city. Of course, if you are wondering whether the entire experience is hygienic, there is nothing to worry about. The food you will be eating is not placed directly on the lady’s naked body, and it is served on leaves instead. 


The popularity of naked sushi became quite high in the sixties, but the origins of this practice trace back to the Edo period in Japan. If you happen to be in Vegas, this is one of the X-rated restaurants you need to visit. 

The Amrita, Tokyo

The next destination on the list is Tokyo, and the restaurant we want to recommend is The Amrita. What is unique about this location is that the first thing you will have to do when you arrive is take off all of your clothes. Yes, that’s right. The naked person in the restaurant is you. This is a perfect opportunity for all the exhibitionists out there. 


Naturally, you won’t be fully naked. The restaurant will provide paper underwear for you to wear while in this nude restaurant. But this is not the end of the story. There are numerous rules in this restaurant, and the most interesting one is that overweight people and those with tattoos are not welcome. 


Furthermore, people aged between eighteen and sixty can enter the place. Those older and younger won’t be let in. Keep in mind that this type of pleasure can be rather expensive, and it will cost you around $700 per person to check it out. 

Funny Sex, Taiwan

For those that find sexual themes interesting, there is no better place to visit than Funny Sex in Taiwan. Since people have been fascinated with boobs and butts for centuries, the theme of this restaurant seems like an obvious choice.


You can find blow-up sex dolls all over the place, glasses and dishes have penises and boobs all over them, and it is a rather explicit location. However, that doesn’t mean that guests can do whatever they like. Anything tasteless is strictly forbidden. In essence, it is just an 18+ restaurant with provocative images and themes. 


But it is also educational. Throughout the venue, there are numerous posters that state interesting facts about human bodies, and you can even learn something from them. For example, what the average size of a penis is by country! 

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo

Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is one of the most popular destinations in the city. As you can probably guess, tourists are the biggest audience here, and they enjoy watching the show. You can probably guess from the title who the main entertainers are, and the show consists of barely dressed ladies and robots. 


Of course, no one is surprised that there are sexualized robots in Japan, but what you don’t know is that the location is gorgeous. There are neon lights, mirrors, and robots. The entire place looks like a scene from a science fiction movie, and it is one of the locations you shouldn’t miss. 

Bikini Beans Espresso, Washington

The next one on the list is in Washington. This is actually a cafe instead of a restaurant, but it is still provocative enough to find its place on the list. Bikini Beans Espresso offers numerous different types of frappe, tea, latte, smoothies, and even energy drinks and protein shakes. 


The name of the cafe comes from the dressing code since all the girls working there have bikinis. Some go as far as to wear just two stickers over their nipples, and some might say that this is the primary reason behind the popularity of this cafe. 


Bikini Beans Espresso was opened in 2014, and you should visit it if you happen to be in Washington. 

The Wreck Bar in Florida

Finally, we have the Wreck Bar in Florida. This is another great location for those that enjoy watching half-naked girls and guys but still want to avoid full nudity. The theme of the bar is sirens, and there are a few shows you don’t want to miss. 


Guests are surrounded by windows that look at the pool, and you will get a unique opportunity to watch mermaids swim. It is similar to aqua museums where you can watch fishes swim around you. But this time, you have barely dressed ladies in the pool. 


There are also shows that include yoga and mermaids, brunch and mermaids, and interactive parties, including (you guessed it!) mermaids! It is a fun experience, but there are also underwater burlesque shows reserved for those older than twenty-one.