The Appearance Of Straight Razor

Talking about the appearance of straight razor itis just a blade with a handle, have a lot of names for instance cut throat and open razor, it is known as cutthroat because it can give you some cuts on your throat or face because of it’s sharpness and it is called open razor because it can simply fold so when you wish to use you can open it. and talking about its work, its a lot more than a mere blade with a handle. 

Straight razors are from the ‘ Grandpa’s Era’, the era where there was only one way to shave, it was definitely the cutthroat and mind it, it is the only tool which can give the manliest shave.  you too dream of having one but then you know that using it is an art and so is the maintenance henceforth you step back but if your grandpa could lean this art why can not you? you can not because you do not know about the lop holes. it is not that difficult to shave with a straight razor, one cut, two cut, three cut by the forth you get to know how it is done but about the restoration you need to read a little so this article is not about ‘how to shave’ but is about the restoration. 

Talk about the great ropes.

The journey of knowing straight razors starts from learning about the ropes. from A to Z there are two main grinds and other than the two a  few here and there, the main ones are the hollow ground blades and the wedge blades. one is large in size and the other comparatively smaller. Hollow ground blades are the smaller ones and are simply easy when it comes to sharpening so people new to straight razors prefer hollow blades than the wedges. 

Time for some repair

  • You would definitely need a sandpaper to simply re-surface or you may say to get it in a smooth and rust free shape. The strokes need to be even and of course long do not forget patience is the key to the re-surfacing process. 
  • Your next tool needs to be the buffing wheels, these wheels are used as power tools, you will need it if there are any scratches or some patina on the surface of your razor. 
  • you now will need a cloth ( cotton one as you need to clean the blade as the buffing process would have for sure left some residue you can even use alcohol to clean them. 
  • The last tool that you will need is a hammer preferably the ball peen type to easily tight your razor’s pins. 

3) Some tips

  • do not use buffing tool on the edges of your razor 
  • be careful with it ( your razor ) is no less than a sharp knife. 
  • while using your power tools you need to be careful and protect your hand and most importantly your eyes so do not forget to wear the garments. 
  • do not get your blade too hot while using the tools as it might damage the hardness, use cold water. 

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