Straight Razors – Sharp Blades

Talking about straight razors can be fun as when we look at a straight razor we see a sharp blade and a handle and when we focus on the blade we get goosebumps and on the other hand feeling of adventure, using one can be more adventures as straight razors are straight from Ancient Egypt, first ever way to shave now we have a lot of options when it comes to shaving but shaving with a straight razor is something totally different you need skills, practice and of course a lot of patience, patience because there isa reason why these straight razors are known as cut-throats henceforth one needs to be carefull around these as they are experts when it comes to shaving but straight razors are also experts when it comes to cutting your face. 

There are a few things that one needs to keep in mind before buying an open razor 

1)The country in which it is made

it is very important for one to know about the manufacturing country as this tells us straightforwardly about the quality of steel which the manufacturers use to make the blade. 

razor is produced in France, China, Germany and even in Pakistan now the question is which one to choose, one should avoid buying razors produced in Pakistan and China and buy the ones produced in France and Germany as the best quality razors are manufactured in France and Germany 

2.) Design and the size of the blade is the second thing that one should look at before buying a straight razor 

The size of the blade matters a lot as if the blade is big in size it simply means that it has more steel and more steel indicates the heaviness of the blade if it heavy then you won’t be able to use it properly around your nose 

3.) Material of the handle 

wood or plastic? this what you need to decide it depends on your choice if you feel comfortable holding a plastic handle go for one which has a handle made up of plastic and if you prefer wood then go for the one which has a wood handle. 

4.) Point of the blade 

The point aka the shape is important because of 2 reasons number one is the style and number two there are a lot of options, for a beginner and for someone who is experienced are two different blades, both can’t be satisfied with the same blades as if a beginner would use a square point blade he would definitely get a cut around his nose because using a square point blade requires practice whereas someone who is experienced would love using square blades. 

5.) Price 

the market is full of straight razors some cost a lot and some do not now it is on you which one you wish to buy as the cost tells a lot about the material used the price would tempt you but you need to be smart, investing in one good razor is better than buying multiple low-cost razors every now and then. 

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