K-Cups Control – Simple Or Complex? 

Revolutionary is the middle word ‘RIVO’, which simply tells us a lot about the brewer. revolution means change and Keurig rivo has brought change in the brewing industry as it is one of a kind. Using it is like upgrading yourself to a big fancy city with ease as using it is not complex the way living in a big city is, it carries the simplicity with itself. 


as I mentioned above it is one of a kind it does not require k-cups as it does not use them and that’s the new thing about it. k-cups are replaced with rivo pack blends. Talking about the blends you get to choose which one you want, there are four types of blends. Delicato, intenso, classico, and deeaf. 

control – simple or complex? 

it is simple to use as all the buttons on the control panels have pictures on them and with the pictures on the panel there are instructions as well, there are 3 buttons on the top and 2 buttons below them, the above ones are for the Latte, Cappuccino, and Cold froth, and the other ones are for Lungo Espresso and Short Espresso. Two steps and your beverage is ready, this machine works like magic when it’s  frothing mode is on all the lights on the buttons light up. 

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Cappuccino is more about foam and less about milk whereas the latte is the opposite of cappuccino and talking about the cold froth means more milk ( as the name says ‘cold’) and less foam. 

with this brewer, you do not need to add water all the time as it comes with a reservoir of 60 oz. This beautiful machine is all about convenience it comes with a one year warranty and all the parts are washer safe which simply means you can wash the parts in a dishwasher without worrying, it comes with a recipe book so that you can try different things and the best feature according to me is the automatic shut down even the milk frother works automatically and the pump this machine uses has the ability of producing 15 pressure bars. one touch and within minutes your beverage is going to be ready. a cold or hot beverage is what you need to decide and then press the button as this machine can make both. 

This machine is one of the best inventions of keruig, now for 3 different preferences, you do not need 3 different brewers as keruig rivo is the solution to all 3 preferences and it is even made up of some good material which makes it durable. 

one needs to follow some precautions so that the brewer can last for a very long period, for instance, cleaning the interior components every now and then ( preferably after Twelve or fourteen brews ) and the Frothing Pitcher needs cleaning after almost every use and the water reservoir must be cleaned every now and then. these are some of the things that one needs to keep in mind such things extend the lifespan of the brewer. 

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