How To Season Copper Chef Pan 

Copper chef pans are chef’s first preference because it is highly durable, six in one and more to it one can use it with an oven and even with an induction, the square shape design makes it unique and the fact that it is almost 95-97 percent made up of copper tells us quite well about its ability to heat quickly, it is a little expensive than other cookware of this type but is worth the amount. it can last for almost a decade, you can even wash it in a dishwasher as it is washer safe and it gives a modern plus classic look to your kitchen  

Congratulations to all the people who are now the proud owner of the great copper chef pan now that you have purchased it you know how amazing it is, the best part os that it is going to take place of 6 other cookwares and the other best part is that it comes with a lid which is made up of glass, a handle, frying basket and asteaming tray especially with legs but yu already know all this because before buying thismaster piece you for sure went through manyother articles the way you are doing right now, so lets come to  the point  straight forwardly. it is very much important to season your copper chef pan before you start cooking yummy food in it. 

  1. You need to place your newly bought copper chef pan on your stove turn your stove on and leave your pan on it.
  2. After half a minute turn off your stove and then remove your pan from it.
  3. Time to add about one tablespoon full of oil ( preferably vegetable oil )
  4. Now you will need a cotton cloth or towel made up of paper.
  5. With the cloth or the paper towel you need to rub oil on the surface of your pan, do not miss any spot.
  6. That’s all with the seasoning always keep one thing in mind that if you are going to wash your beautiful pan in a dishwasher you will need to season it each time you wash it in your dishwasher before cooking anything in it and if you do not want to season it each time then simply do not wash it in the washer.



 Some precautions for the new owners of copper chef pan 

  1. Do not ever forget your empty copper chef pan on a burner which is simply hot as this is going to ruin your beautiful pan and with the pan can even cause damage to your stove’s top.
  2. If by any chance you get cracks on the lid provided with the an, do not use it any further.
  3. Cooking sprays are a big no as they are not easy to clean and with time continues use of cooking spray results into a layer of stubborn spray on your precious pan.

Keep these things in mind and it will last for a decade  

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