Experimenting With Anal Toys

Anal toys like to use in sexual games not only women, but also many men. Stimulation of the anus gives real pleasure most of the stronger sex. Do not think that only men of a certain sexual orientation may like anal stimulation, in fact, this is a mistaken opinion. If you have not tried anal caress, it does not mean that you will not like them. It is worth saying that men even like anal stimulation much more than women. This is due to the anatomical features of the location of the organs of the male genitourinary system.

Anal toys for men in the process of caress stimulate the prostate. Due to this, they get a more powerful orgasm and unforgettable pleasure. If you want to bring real pleasure to your partner, offer him anal stimulation along with oral caress. In women, anus stimulation also often causes strong erotic stimulation. This is one of the first reasons why anal stimulant is so popular today.  There is a common preference differences in between anal beads vs. butt plug.

The second common reason for which stimulants use couples is the problem of the anatomical discrepancy between the reproductive organs of the partners. For example, if a woman gave birth, then she most often has the muscular walls of the vagina weakened during intercourse, these muscles can no longer clasp the partner’s penis so tightly. This problem is quite easy to solve. For this it is enough during sex to introduce anal toys in the anal (for example, cork). For an odd this the anus will expand, thereby significantly narrowing the vagina. In any case, every couple who already feels that sex has become dull and monotonous should buy anal toys for masturbation and experiment.

The third, most common reason for the popularity of anal plug outside and vaginal stimulants is sex itself, the same reason why rape accused should use chastity. Before you enter into the anus of the penis, it is necessary to conduct preliminary training, but rather to relax the muscles of the anus. This will avoid possible pain in both partners. Thus, anal stimulants for sex can not only be fun, but also help in the process of preparing for it.

In addition to all these functions, the anal stimulator plays the role of a kind of simulator, with which you can explore your erogenous zones, learn your own sexual preferences, and also realize the most hidden erotic fantasies. Using anal stimulants, you should follow basic principles of hygiene and safety. To do this, before using it is necessary to treat them with an antiseptic, for example, chlorhexidine, and then rinse with running warm water. Immediately before inserting the stimulator into the hole, treat the product with any   water-based or silicone-based lubricant. Such precautions will help you avoid possible discomfort, as well as reduce the likelihood of accidental injury, scuffing and micro cracks in the skin or mucous membranes.

Plugs are the best toys for stimulating the anus, anal games and preparing for anal sex, designed for lovers of strong sensations and savory pleasure. To get maximum pleasure in love games and give an unforgettable feeling to your partner, use additional accessories – anal plug and extenders. Intimate toys from leading manufacturers are made of high-quality hypoallergenic materials, simple and safe to use.

Butt plug with vibration glass or silicone can have different sizes, colors and decor options. The possibilities of choice are limited only by your imagination. Meet the assortment, choose anal dilators and buy what you really liked!

Anal expanders and plugs with vibration – accessories for unforgettable sex

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Spicy decoration

Butt plugs are a versatile tool for both men and women. The sleeve for the anus is designed to stretch the muscles of the rectum and prepare them for the introduction of the penis or dildo. A variety of designs allows you to choose a toy that will bring joy to both stalls. The tip of the cork is decorated with rhinestones, beads, feathers and even precious stones. Butt plugs with tails made of natural or artificial fur are very popular among buyers. White fluffy bunny tail or luxury fox fur is incredibly exciting. You can try to embody the scenario role-playing game with a hunter and prey, pretend to be a passionate kitty or sly red beast. Touching fur to erogenous zones is the best prelude for a romantic evening. Caressing you and your partner, the tail pleasantly teases during sex.