Copper chef xl pan  

This six in one square pan is designed in a way that you can use it on an induction and as well as in an oven. For a detailed review of the same you can checkout Copper Chef Reviews Hot spots are a big no when it comes to copper chef xl pan as it is made up of stainless steel which helps in quick heat up without hot spots. the design that it is made up of is of 5 layers which makes sure that the pan can handle multiple tasks and it even offers nonstick technology it claims that you do not need butter or oil while cooking, you can cook without them and nothing would stick to your pan. you can do anything with this pan slow-cook, fry, steam, saute you name it and it can do it.  


Spaghetti and meatballs in the copper chef xl 

Ingredients required for meatballs 

  1. Beef ( Lean)
  2. Crumbs of bread ( one full cup)
  3. Parsley, dried ( one tablespoon )
  4. cheese, grated
  5. Beaten egg

Steps for making  meatballs 

  1. First of all, you will need a bowl which is large in size
  2. Once you have the right size bowl add cheese, bread crumbs, powder of garlic, parsley, egg and of course beef.
  3. After adding all the ingredients in the bowl, mix all the ingredients properly. you can use a spoon to mix them or you can wear gloves and simply use your hands.
  4. After mixing the ingredients take a sheet of foil ( Aluminum) out and keep it aside. Make twelve balls, keep them in a bowl and cover that bowl properly with an Aluminum sheet, foil ( Aluminum helps in keeping the food full of moisture, place the bowl full of balls in your refrigerator, only take it out when you need it.

Ingredients needed for sauce 

  1. Onion, CHopped ( one cup )
  2. Minced garlic cloves ( Five)
  3. Oil ( preferably olive)
  4. Tomato cans (peeled, two)
  5. Salt ( Two spoons)
  6. Sugar ( preferably white)
  7. Tomato can ( paste, one )
  8. Black pepper ( ground)

Steps for making the sauce 

  1. Take your copper chef xl pan and place it on the stove on a low-high level of heat and make sure it is clean.
  2. Add oil in the copper chef xl pan and allow it to get a little hot, once it is at the right temperature add garlic and onion in the pan, stir it till onions turn a little brown (light brown ) after it add salt, white sugar, leaf and tomatoes in the copper chef xl pan. Use the glass lid provided with the copper chef pan to cover the pan, reduce the level of heat and let the heat do its work for the next ninety minutes. 
  3. After ninety minutes add paste of tomatoes, pepper, basil and beef balls and cover it, and leave it again for next thirty minutes.
  4. Your meatballs are ready to be served.

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