About NSAC

The National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) is a two and a half day, advocacy-based conference providing advanced training opportunities and information regarding sexual violence intervention and prevention as well as sexual harassment at work. This conference is sponsored by to help women in our community who are exposed to such unforgivable acts.

2019 National Sexual Assault Conference

The Drop Bistro will host the 2019 National Sexual Assault Conference from August 21 to 23 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mark your calendars now and send us an email for reservation:

Restaurant Events

1. Live Trivia Tournament

The host restaurant will hire an outside trivia host. This will be an ongoing tournament to ensure your lively presence in the venue restaurant. You need to form a team of 5 members and each team will compete for 6 to 7 Weeks. The grand prize is a gift card worth of $1,000.

Date: January 2, 2020

Venue: Bikini Beans Espresso, 1129 W James St, Kent, Washington

2. Trivia with a Tasting Twist

This contest is the perfect game for beverage drinkers. The main questions of the game revolve around the beverage available in the venue restaurant. In addition, you need to study the ingredients of the restaurant’s famous menu so you get to win the gift card worth of $2,000.

Date: March  12, 2020

Venue: Geisha House Steak & Sushi, 6572 N Decatur Blvd #150, Las Vegas

To register, send an email containing the names of your team members. Remember that the team should composed of 5 persons only. Send your email to