How To Season Copper Chef Pan 

Copper chef pans are chef’s first preference because it is highly durable, six in one and more to it one can use it with an oven and even with an induction, the square shape design makes it unique and the fact that it is almost 95-97 percent made up of copper tells us quite well about its ability to heat quickly, it is a little expensive than other cookware of this type but is worth the amount. it can last for almost a decade, you can even wash it in a dishwasher as it is washer safe and it gives a modern plus classic look to your kitchen  

Congratulations to all the people who are now the proud owner of the great copper chef pan now that you have purchased it you know how amazing it is, the best part os that it is going to take place of 6 other cookwares and the other best part is that it comes with a lid which is made up of glass, a handle, frying basket and asteaming tray especially with legs but yu already know all this because before buying thismaster piece you for sure went through manyother articles the way you are doing right now, so lets come to  the point  straight forwardly. it is very much important to season your copper chef pan before you start cooking yummy food in it. 

  1. You need to place your newly bought copper chef pan on your stove turn your stove on and leave your pan on it.
  2. After half a minute turn off your stove and then remove your pan from it.
  3. Time to add about one tablespoon full of oil ( preferably vegetable oil )
  4. Now you will need a cotton cloth or towel made up of paper.
  5. With the cloth or the paper towel you need to rub oil on the surface of your pan, do not miss any spot.
  6. That’s all with the seasoning always keep one thing in mind that if you are going to wash your beautiful pan in a dishwasher you will need to season it each time you wash it in your dishwasher before cooking anything in it and if you do not want to season it each time then simply do not wash it in the washer.



 Some precautions for the new owners of copper chef pan 

  1. Do not ever forget your empty copper chef pan on a burner which is simply hot as this is going to ruin your beautiful pan and with the pan can even cause damage to your stove’s top.
  2. If by any chance you get cracks on the lid provided with the an, do not use it any further.
  3. Cooking sprays are a big no as they are not easy to clean and with time continues use of cooking spray results into a layer of stubborn spray on your precious pan.

Keep these things in mind and it will last for a decade  

Chicken Alfredo Recipes

Copper chef xl is no usual pan it is a six in one pan which is invented to replace 6 other cookware and not only it is six in one it is even PFOA and PTFE free, it comes with handles which are comfortable to hold and it gives more space for cooking which means you can cook a turkey 12lb in it that too easily and quickly. 

We have some recipes here for you to try in your new pan. 


Mac and cheese 

Ingredients that you will require for mac and cheese are- 

A)elbows( About one pound ) 

B)cheddar, shredded ( Two cups)

C) Heavy cream( onequart) 

D) Cornstarch( onefull tablespoon) 

E) Water (one- Two cups)

The very first step is to clean your copper chef pan before using and if you wash it in a dishwasher then the first step is to season it. for seasoning it, you need to keep it on your stove and make sure it is empty because like this you are cleaning it by using heat. After thirty seconds turn your stove off and put some oil in your pan and with the help of a paper towel rub it all over your pan’s surface. 

Now take your pan and place it on your stove, turn the stove on and add elbows, cornstarch, cream, shredded cheddar and one cup water. Mix all of these properly and after mixing place your glass lid on your pan and cook it on the medium level of heat. Once you feel that it is as creamy as you wanted it, then turn your stove off. 

 After Mac and cheese lets make Rueben for making Rueben we will need some ingredients such as- 

  1. Rolls ( Two)
  2. Sliced Beef
  3. Dressing (preferably Russian)
  4. cheese
  5. Sauerkraut
  6. Melted margarine

 For making Rueben we need to follow a particular order in which we need to arrange all the ingredients on the sub rolls, So first place cheese slice then beef, after beef sauerkraut, dressing and again a slice of cheese. now that we have arranged everything in the right order only one thing is left, which is margarine which we are going to use to brush our sandwich. 

Now its time to place your chopper chef pan on the stove over a medium level of heat. now place your sandwich on the pan and use a panini press to press your sandwich after placing it on the sandwich cook for three to four minutes ( each side respectively) 

after 4 minutes your beef sandwich is can be served. 

Chicken Alfredo 


  • Noodles  ( cooked) 
  • cheese ( preferably parmesan ) 
  • oil  
  • sliced garlic cloves 
  • cream 
  • cubed chicken breast 
  • salt 
  • pepper 


the first thing you need to do is to place your pan on your stove for 2 minutes, once you feel that it has reached the required level add oil, wait till the oil is hot after it add the chicken breast in copper chef pan after about three minutes add sliced garlic cloves in the pan, stir till the garlic turns golden, after it add heavy cream and cook till bubbles start appearing. add noodles, cook for about four minutes add salt, pepper, and cheese. serve hot 


Copper chef xl pan  

This six in one square pan is designed in a way that you can use it on an induction and as well as in an oven. For a detailed review of the same you can checkout Copper Chef Reviews Hot spots are a big no when it comes to copper chef xl pan as it is made up of stainless steel which helps in quick heat up without hot spots. the design that it is made up of is of 5 layers which makes sure that the pan can handle multiple tasks and it even offers nonstick technology it claims that you do not need butter or oil while cooking, you can cook without them and nothing would stick to your pan. you can do anything with this pan slow-cook, fry, steam, saute you name it and it can do it.  


Spaghetti and meatballs in the copper chef xl 

Ingredients required for meatballs 

  1. Beef ( Lean)
  2. Crumbs of bread ( one full cup)
  3. Parsley, dried ( one tablespoon )
  4. cheese, grated
  5. Beaten egg

Steps for making  meatballs 

  1. First of all, you will need a bowl which is large in size
  2. Once you have the right size bowl add cheese, bread crumbs, powder of garlic, parsley, egg and of course beef.
  3. After adding all the ingredients in the bowl, mix all the ingredients properly. you can use a spoon to mix them or you can wear gloves and simply use your hands.
  4. After mixing the ingredients take a sheet of foil ( Aluminum) out and keep it aside. Make twelve balls, keep them in a bowl and cover that bowl properly with an Aluminum sheet, foil ( Aluminum helps in keeping the food full of moisture, place the bowl full of balls in your refrigerator, only take it out when you need it.

Ingredients needed for sauce 

  1. Onion, CHopped ( one cup )
  2. Minced garlic cloves ( Five)
  3. Oil ( preferably olive)
  4. Tomato cans (peeled, two)
  5. Salt ( Two spoons)
  6. Sugar ( preferably white)
  7. Tomato can ( paste, one )
  8. Black pepper ( ground)

Steps for making the sauce 

  1. Take your copper chef xl pan and place it on the stove on a low-high level of heat and make sure it is clean.
  2. Add oil in the copper chef xl pan and allow it to get a little hot, once it is at the right temperature add garlic and onion in the pan, stir it till onions turn a little brown (light brown ) after it add salt, white sugar, leaf and tomatoes in the copper chef xl pan. Use the glass lid provided with the copper chef pan to cover the pan, reduce the level of heat and let the heat do its work for the next ninety minutes. 
  3. After ninety minutes add paste of tomatoes, pepper, basil and beef balls and cover it, and leave it again for next thirty minutes.
  4. Your meatballs are ready to be served.