11 Restaurants Around The World That Make Their Money Objectifying Women

A bar in Sydney has sparked off a controversy for using naked women as fruit platters. Cruise Bar in Darling Harbour had women on every table with fruits attached to their bodies. This Sydney bar is not the only restaurant to attract their customers by objectifying women as sexy waitresses. Miraculously, there are many more! Take a look at this list of 11 breastaurants so to speak, where women catwalk in skimpy outfits to skyrocket the restaurant’s business.

1. Tilted Kilt

People don’t visit Tilted Kilt for its food, but to check out the scantily clad lasses who wear red plaid short skirts with matching plaid bras. The waitresses here are called entertainers because they ‘entertain’ the customers with their flirty talks and smiles.

2. Hooters

With over 430 branches around the world, Hooters is one breastaurant on every guy’s bucket list. Apart from spicy hot wings, you also get to feast your eyes on hot babes in tight vests and shorts.

3. Dirty Dogg Saloon

Dirty Dogg Saloon in Arizona hosts wet t-shirt contests on every Wednesday where the waitresses get drenched in beer. The place is a regular hangout for motorcycle enthusiasts and rafters who visit the bar every night.

4. Bombshells Restaurant and Bar

This breastaurant follows the WWII theme where the waitresses wear the army green outfit and the walls are decked with bullets and vintage military helmets. Bombshells claims to be a place not for the ‘fainthearted’, and do not allow teenagers below the legal drinking age.

5. Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill

As the name suggests, the servers here are dressed in a bikini. The proprietor of the restaurant has dedicated an entire town in their honour.

6. Twin Peaks

Apart from being ‘punny’, Twin Peaks calls itself ‘the ultimate man cave’ serving ‘hearty, made-from-scratch man food’. The waitresses here are the selling point of the place as they are always dressed according to themes. Therefore, you will find them wearing sexy Santa outfits on Christmas, or a black corset on Black Fridays.

7. Maid Cafe

In Japan, waitresses are dressed in maid costumes and they act as servants by treating their customers as masters and mistresses. They are chosen to work in the cafes based on their appearance and age, as the younger, the better. They also dress up according to cosplay characters to attract customers.

8. Milo’s

Milo’s in Mexico has an all female waitstaff that takes your orders wearing very little more than lace lingerie and swimwear. The breastaurant, which serves tacos, has waitresses who pose for pictures with the customers and they don’t let men disrespect them.

9. Mugs ‘N Jugs Sports Bar and Grill

Located in Clearwater, Florida, Mugs ‘N Jugs has waitresses with fit, athlete bods who would give tough competition to your toned arms.

10. Cowgirls Espresso

Let’s call it a ‘breastcafe’. This serves amazing coffee with luscious girls who would drive away your sleep in an instant. Cowgirls Espresso is famous for its ‘32-ounce Buckin Bronco’ which is 4 espresso shots in a big cup of cold beverage, and for its sexy waitresses who serve coffee in bikinis.

11. Heart Attack Grill

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and Heart Attack Grill is one such place the wolf pack gang would regret the following morning. The grill is said to give people a heart attack with its spicy food and has sexy nurses in pantyhose and tight uniforms.